Of Robin, Night, Music, and Bees

Dear friend of my heart,

This evening was something else. In the company of my dear friend, the robin, the one who sings so bright, I played some music. Here is something that came out of it.


It has not been more than a couple of hours since I found myself to be in a close communion with the moon. The eyes were closed. The voice was true. The fingers danced in an ecstasy, that I once so well knew. A sensation rises. I haven’t forgotten the evening. Distant mountains and their blue mystery, echoing in the valley. The moon is a window to another world, a brighter one. I remember a verse from a poem I wrote years ago.

“A window opening every passing day

revealing to us mortals the charm that lay

in a world bereft of misery and pain

and then closing till the world is truly dark

do not fret my friend this time will pass

tomorrow the window shall open again

tomorrow two lovers shall gaze at it

distance separating their hearts no more”

The words of a child. Innocent and beautiful. Sometimes I feel love for the child when I read his words. Thought I would share this with you, dear friend of my heart, because today with the moon, I went back to the poem. It spoke of the symphony of the night, a timeless song. The child spoke of how he wanted nothing but to become a part of this great music. I feel a deep sense of joy when I am out in the evening, listening, singing, being a part of this deathless ocean of sound. I fancy myself as a vagrant melody, out of time, out of tune, yet making perfect sense.

I took a few pictures the other morning. The bees are so many and so alive these days.

springing and sprouting
beescape2 hq
worm battles the bee from the petal-less poppy
beescape3 copy1lq
morning light on the bee
flyshadow clq
flight in the morning light

I hope you are well. Did you feel the spring blossom in your heart?

Eager to hear from you.

Much love,



  1. I had a conversation once with somebody special. I said that I always felt like I was out of tune, that I was more content on my own than in the company of people who demanded I “snap out of if”. He replied: “Well, maybe it is them who need to snap into it.” I think of this not only because of the ‘out of time, out of tune’ melody, but also because there is something very harmonious about how your words melt with the music melt with the visuals melt with the words…your writing always transports, and I am grateful for the extraordinary journey.

    1. Thank you dearly, Anna.
      I like your friend’s reply too. I feel we try to change ourselves too often. Why? to be accepted? It never really works for too long. Feels like this understanding is sinking in deeper by the day…

  2. The rhythm of your words is enchanting. Reading them, is like experiencing Spring time — renewing, regenerative, hopeful. And, when I was young, I used to wish to be a song… ❤️

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