Absence and Greetings

Dear friend of my heart,

It is not with words imploring forgiveness of your kind heart that I shall greet you after this long absence, for I do not believe absence to be a crime. Is it not true that love is made of absence more than anything else? Upon absence and loss is love predicated, I earnestly feel. Loss, an extension of absence is some ways, and a completely different invocation of not being there in other ways. I knew that I loved you so dearly when I listened to your heart beat and was terribly afraid. So fragile. Here a moment, gone another. It is when I feel the weight of your absence in your attendance that I become aware of you, and your gravity. Are you there? Are you listening? I greet you with a simple embrace, and a smile that decorates me. An ornament dedicated to my deep feelings for you. How beautiful that you are listening to me. How beautiful that my words matter to you, dear friend of my heart.

Sometimes I am left feeling the unsaid when it has all been said… and there is silence, an opportunity for the vapors to rise and surround us… an opportunity to savor the taste of our confluence, the sensation of our conversation… an opportunity to breathe in the tenderness of our absence. You perhaps did not know of it till the moment I came back to you, an old friend, here to greet an old friend.

There are many stories that I want to tell you, but right now I will show you things I have been seeing. There will be more opportunities for me to tell you how I felt so many feelings, how I sang with the oncoming spring, how I welcomed the warming summer…

There were times when I became aware how much I love looking at the small things around me and negotiating pictures. Here are a few.

darling leaves of late February
the drama of retreating clouds in early march
this was like a dream from another life
bee and blue
bee3 lq
yellow is where I am drawn to
yellow indeed
portrait of a bee
bee and blue another
a study of light and veins
spider before pouncing into the oblivion
in the shadows of the summer, rests a beautiful damselfly
ants living in the morning light
evening with a flower to be
a couple that moves in harmony
my favorite creature, a dancing fantail
an unusual visitor hereabouts; chestnut bellied nuthatch
the nuthatch in monochrome

The pictures remind me how seasons have changed since we last met.

The night is quiet here. I am soon going to celebrate a dinner.  hope you are well, dear friend of my heart.

Eager to hear from you, as always.

much love,



    1. Hi Carrie! Thank you dearly. Nuthatches are not too common in my neighborhood. This was after it suddenly snowed in the mountains. The nuthatch came down for a little while.
      There are two kinds of wagtails that show up here. White browed and sometimes yellow. This here is a fantail. A gloriously agile bird. Sings beautifully too. A friend once said he looks like a grumpy old man.

  1. This is impeccable writing and more …. so much beauty here you might have distilled it over a myriad of posts.
    Beautiful! You are a talent!!

    1. Diana! I am impatient with my pictures. Can’t hold them back. Thank you thought. I wondered if you’d show up here. This letter was inspired by you when you addressed me the other day as a friend of the heart. I wanted to come back here and write.

      1. Dear Prashant …. my subtle prod flourished therefore into something wonderful here. I’m so very glad!
        Have a great week ….

    1. Thank you.
      I am glad you like these pictures. Your own have such a strong and beautiful sense for form and proportion!
      I am looking forward to exploring your blog.

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