Evening Slumber Song

Dear friend of my heart,

I feel the trembling of your lips on my skin when you try to hide your pain from me over the phone. What is the cause of such sadness, I want to ask you, but I already know that dreams could very well be a matter of life and death. This is not the first time that a distant dream took you so far away that you could not fathom the tenderness in my voice at all. I fell asleep in the evening yesterday. The dreams were dreadfully beautiful. This music is from later. It is about those dreams.

It has been a matter of grave significance to me, this tremor in your voice. It has made me feel things in myself that I had forgotten. It makes the heart feel like a very fragile thing. A beautiful feeling. It makes me tell you about the things that I have been feeling secretly. Things I have been keeping from everyone else because it wouldn’t make any sense to tell them. Some things you do not share. There is more to this secrecy. I cannot express out of the fear of driving everyone away. Maybe that’s what it is, this fear of not being liked, this fear of not being accepted as a friend. Isn’t it strange though that whenever you speak out what has been kept hidden in recesses of your heart, it is as if you suddenly become a stranger to everyone. It is a strange moment, because having expressed the secrets of your heart leaves you feeling such a profound sense of relief but at the same time you know how it must be so disconcerting for the others. The expression has changed you. The relief of not having to hide anymore is far more powerful than the embarrassment.

Here are a few pictures form this evening. Our sky is not yet done with the clouds.

evening is a dream
darkening, the world is a dream
tree6 bwlq
rampaging creatures from the evening slumber

I am going to do a story telling session soon. The story is almost ready. It is about a little girl who doesn’t speak much and how she discovers writing.

I hope you are well. Do you have strange dreams that you don’t tell anyone about?.. in sleep or otherwise…

Eager to hear from your trembling lips, or read what your trembling fingers have to tell.

Much love,



  1. Sometimes the question is not “should I tell my secrets” but “is there somebody who will listen to them without”. And if there is something, there is the question of a secret being embraced, which leads to connection, or a secret being rejected, which leads to estrangement. It is not always easy to decide, and easier, at times, to be callous and silent — but then, once secrets are shared between people who use them to build bridges…this truly is quite magical.

      1. Herr Professor was immer so interessant aber nie schoen… maybe we are secrets that are kept from the dreams. haha…

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