woodwind and light-shade

Dear Friend of my Heart,

I wish I were a saxophonist, bursting forth in soft metal woodwind screams. Even thinking of it makes my teeth hurt, with a desirable tang. Feel the rush of air through the tubular mysterious passages of the sax. Wondrous eruptions from the brewing music magma soulful sumptuous goodness. Oh the excess!

I have been feeling a very healthy kind of craving to jam, to get together and make things of beauty. A slightly sad kind of beauty though, but with impish citrus kicks at irregular intervals, to make the sadness sting playfully, without hurting… much… That would be just about perfect.

Yesterday I was so composed that I felt like a Villa-Lobos guitar piece being played by Julian Bream in the acoustic sanctuary of his choice. The morning was especially like that, with light breaking into the most intricately fashioned chromatic magnificence, in my imagination. Shadows shifted with a surprising agility! I thought of planetary and stellar movements as I took these pictures.

light fairy
day dawns upon a grass yellow
delightful light

I hope your heart is as beautiful as always. Listen to yourself breathe today. It is already music.
Eager to hear from you.

Much love,
Prashant Nawani


    1. Thank you, Amaya. I was playing all through the afternoon. It rained here today. The best weather to feel how beautiful music is…

    1. it was so beautiful when the sun was slowly rising and the yellow of that dear butterfly started glowing!

    1. Thank you Kelley
      “And this mountain she’s your mistress
      you’ll ride her ’til you fall
      and wash down
      to the valley far below”
      listening over and over…

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