When I Couldn’t Sleep

Dear Friend of my Heart,

I only wanted to fall asleep, but it is hauntingly quiet tonight. It’s getting colder. Seasons are changing relentlessly. The lightness of sleep that had folded me gently in her wings for one blessed hour is utterly weighed down upon by onerous visitations and anamnestic monsters, who viciously denude my worst humor, leaving me bereft of the restful embrace of mother sleep. I look around in cheerless abandonment. The closest friends have turned against me. They share warmth and sympathies with each other, while I am left alone to feel the brunt of their callousness. They have chosen to side against me.

Enough of this depraving voice!

I switch on the yellow light and take a deep listen of some beautiful music. Electric octopus swims around the ocean of sound that surrounds me. They are quite gentle creatures. If you don’t know them already, well, it would be nice to get to know them now. This album Pipe Dream Train was released last month. On the 13th of September 2018. It is a mellow funky sound. Gentle and very groovy at the same time.

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The evening was a different organism altogether. I felt a strong longing to look for the evening, a longing to capture it! To make it last… the colors of October are intoxicating.

This here is an attempt to photograph and formulate the tone and tenor of this October evening. I want to understand the moods of colors more deeply.


This one here is the evening assuming a thoughtful stance. What a sweet arrangement…

संध्या की वितर्क मुद्रा

With this I take your leave. I don’t feel all that heavy anymore. Friends are enveloped in the warmth of friendship again… as for you, dear friend of my heart… well, I hope you have the most beautiful dreams, whenever you sleep…

Much love,
Prashant Nawani


  1. Thank you for sharing that intimate, personal moment, and for the new tunes. I’m now gonna finish my coffee and chillax with these groovy melodies.
    Aloha, friend of my heart, may the wind brush your cheeks with soft kisses

    1. Aloha, friend of my heart, may the breeze carry the most beautiful scents to you, and may you take a deep breath…
      I hope you like the music.

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