A Dew Drop | High in the Himalayas

Dear friend of my heart,

It has been more than a month since I got back home from the high mountains, where the air is dusty and thin and the sky is an azure spread, with soft white clouds to fluff your gaze… the light of the day is piercing though, there in Leh. There isn’t much to say today. I would much rather share a few pictures with you. And before that this little poetic-prose that happened one early morning up there.

Oh sweet dew, wash my morning too. Upon you my wandering gaze finds her resting place… I shy away from yesternight’s sensual embrace, and wonder what it would be like to be surrounded by your mystery. Oh morning dew, do you tender to just a special few? Well, all around me… in the bare mountains where I found me, you do surround me. Oh sweet dew, you did wash my morning too… Vagrant fantasies of a heart that beats to your fluid firmament, I cannot but die again, only to find you myself surrounded by again. Oh sober honey-kissed morning dew… and even as I hide from the darker aspirations of this yesternight, I sigh with your fall, from your leaf to it all… my dearest morning dew, I do sincerely feel, the world is now all new… I ask the friend of my heart, if he’s also been listening to you sing, of what sun secretly told you… what simple poetry you drew, such that my weary heart has now shed his weary skin, and once again oh darling dew, you washed my world anew…

…a few photographs. Kashmir to Leh.

A Shepard in the Kashmir-Kargil highway
Shepard in the hard sun
another everyday for the ladies
girls on the way back from school | near Kashmir
work in the highway 1
work in the highway 2
on the road
the trans-Himalayas
The city of Leh (swirl of a growing city)
he sketches
the trans-Himalayas
bus headed somewhere| mountains give perspective
school bus
faith, time, dust, fabric…
dirty orange
the art market
lush in the cold desert
somewhere near Thikse… feeding Indus
Spituk| A man in the field
mountain lq
the city sprawl
clouds were higher

And a photograph of me… it’s too beautiful to not share… so…
20180903_162014 copylq

I really don’t want to say much about the experience. At the moment I am much more into music than into words… so I would leave you with the images for now… perhaps some other day the stories will take different forms and emerge more beautifully than they possibly could right now. Eager to hear from you.

Much love,
Prashant Nawani


  1. I just recently moved away from my home mountains, but I don’t think they ever leave you. They have formed your own topography to be like a reflection of theirs — the textures, the colors, their own soft and deep music — they’re going to stay with you. Thank you for sharing your photographs; I’d never before heard of Leh, and it looks like it has its own allure. ‘He sketches’ was a favorite.

    1. What a beautiful thing to say… her majesty was born in the company of stern mountains and tender clouds…
      Leh was unlike any other mountains I’ve been to… perhaps you would like to go someday… Thank you, Amaya.

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