Never Alone

Dear Friend,

revisiting an expression of angst from a few years ago I found something that describes how I feel about most things these days. “It was in fact almost like a shooting star… wasn’t much in itself except a beautiful sight…” That is however, already a lot. I sit and breathe in the beautiful sight… never alone… there’s always someone here.

someone’s here… some, someone’s here…

someone’s telling me this from that
someone’s laughing at my jokes
someone’s laughing at my dreams
someone’s listening to me sing
I am never really alone

someone’s asking me to write
someone tells me the pictures too bright
someone’s holding my hand
someone’s only starting to bend
someone’s standing tall, even when the wind is stormy
someone’s standing tall even when it’s scarier than ever
you can go, someone will be around
it’s not an empty ghost town
there are people around, there’s so many of them
there are people around, they’re peopling around

someone’s taking the jump, someone’s taking fall
someone knows nothing, someone knows it all
someone smiles at my wounds,
someone washes me with tears
someone tells me, they’ll be here, someone tells me that again
so you see, someones been around
some one’s always always always around
I have grown to be my surrounding
you can come here and play with your children
I like to hear them laugh,
I like to hear you laughing

someone’s laughing at my face
someone’s laughing at my voice
someone’s kissing me with a smile
someone’s got their pens and files
someone sits beside me and sketches the world
someone’s writing it all

Also there’s this lady spider that I am developing a deep fondness for. I want to compose a piece of music for her. Here’s a few pictures of her with two packages of food.


Much Love,
Prashant Nawani


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