helplessly smiling

Dear Friend of my Heart,

It is the most beautiful feeling to hear from you. I am left helplessly smiling. Even though the world is sometimes callous and unforgiving, it is a relief to know that there is somewhere that gentle breeze carrying the scent of some efflorescent mystery, and that there is a friend of my heart who smiles with me and lends a benevolent ear to my song. Before some crazed feeling vivaciously jostles aside my genuine gratefulness, I must say that I am thankful that you are listening.

I have a curious friend who is a Buddhist monk. He comes to the cafe that I frequent. Yesterday he asked me whether I am able to connect with people. We looked into each others eyes for a deep moment and I felt like no words were necessary. Eyes. It is one thing to look at them and a completely different thing to look into them. When you look into someones eyes… deeply… the rest of the world recedes into comforting shadows. Touch happens.

Sometimes, to read what someone wrote giving it all feels similar. Touch happens. It is always a pleasure to meet you. I don’t know you. I know you. I don’t know you. I know you. I don’t… I do…

Maybe I’ll introduce you to a few of them from around here…

always hungry
chuck the angry jumping spider
mister C, my usually lazy neighbor
butterfly(ing) is the best way to be, second only to damsel fly(ing)…

the world is everything you see and everything you don’t and everything you can and everything you can’t(yet)…

eager to hear from you…

Much love,
Prashant Nawani


  1. I have no words, this language is flawed- I haven’t learned the proper expression…I have stared now at this box far too long

    I’m just going to have a long sit and think…

    1. I hope you had a long sit and the deepest thoughts…
      I think language is flawed if one expects something made of the substance of something like truth from it…
      “Some have come for fortune
      some have come for love
      and some have come
      for the things they cannot see”

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