The Again and Again Edition


I think I dropped my phone in your pocket, I can’t find it in either of mine

but you have a few more pockets, some that you aren’t wearing right now… I would check all my pockets before checking my pockets if I were you…

I think I dropped my phone in your pocket, why would I check the pockets that aren’t even here?

because my pocket has a hole… and it is no ordinary hole… it leads to a whole other dimension… you don’t want to go there… if your phone went in there, it’s the will of the pocket… consider getting a new one… did you check out the new xXxXlolhaha stupifokin63? Lappol released it only yesterday…

don’t you mean the xXxXroflhaha stupifokin63? The xXxXlolhaha stupifokin63 was the day before…

oh yes! How very stupid of me… I must be finally breaking down… I’ve been  persistent in my efforts, but break down is so difficult these days… makes me think of last year… it was so much easier to break down every third day… they even had the break down alarm clock installed in my heart. It dissolved when I stopped breaking down…

You should consider the fokmehead app, the again and again edition.
I t   c o m p l e t e l y   c h a n g e d   m y   l i f e… I hadn’t felt like this in days!

seriously man… I need a spiritual reawakening like that too… Do you have fokmehead on your phone?

I do. But I dropped it in your pocket.

forget it already! okay… forget it…

words of wisdom man…forget it all…

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