The Forgotten Corner


It is when one goes looking for some forgotten book, stacked in some forgotten corner, that one switches on the light to see… a thick layer of dust… testimony to life that has found her purpose elsewhere, in emptier rooms, in cleaner places… to tell you the truth, that is; with the honesty of a freshly wounded heart, I feel like… and I am sure you’ve felt it too… I feel like, something very important had been put away in this dark forgotten corner, perhaps by mistake… or knowingly… maybe it was only to hide it from them… yes, it was to hide it from them… but it had slowly acquired the invisibility of this corner… and it lay there, receding further into the darkness, further away from life… life longed for it too, but I had the ‘good sense’ to not listen… lately I had been feeling like I’d lost something… and it was not to look for some forgotten book that I went there… it was to hide from them… as I hid in the forgotten corner, I found what had been missing… the wounded heart is like that of an explorer… burning with a strong feeling… burning…




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