What Wasn’t in the Shadows


What had been the most eager subject of our wonderment was shadows, and shadows of all kinds… we would see shadows in the brightest of places… we’d see shadows within shadows… we’d see shadows everywhere… world had assumed the demeanor of an absolutely optical phenomenon, wherein shadows added a livelier dimension to the flatness of the prior world. What a Copernican revolution it had been in our pale and sickly lives… the most interesting turn of events than transpired, as it inspired visions of a different order altogether… shadows started assuming shapes and it all added up… what was revealed to us was what seems to have been concealed from us all this while, when light had been the singular condition of vision… we started talking about the creatures that prospered in shadows and festered in light… creatures that were far more interesting than any we’d come across in the pages of treatises on life… treatises on all that exists… sometimes we came across hushed whispers about these other creatures that didn’t exist, that never died, because they never lived, in the sense that we’d been learning about life and existence… and then we started seeing traces of their non-existence everywhere! In shadows, that concealed the most, the optical phenomenon became less and less concealing, as world seeped out of widening cracks… we started finding evidence of their non-existence in silences too..! They really weren’t everywhere! Discovery upon discovery… and then the shadows started consuming all the things that existed, revealing all the things that didn’t exist… to the point where all was non-existent… that which had been existent became non-existent too! Right after this moment that seemed to never have been, shadowy figures riding shadowy chariots emerged out of deeper shadows, carrying light! And we stared in amazement as non-existence separated itself from existence! What a sight it had not been..! I am still very certain it never happened… but when I am uncertain, I am uncertain that it ever happened… All we ended up having was stories… but all that we ended up not having, was perhaps what my heart still yearns for… don’t remember anymore of what hadn’t been…


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