On my forehead… a tingling sensation… It is quite familiar. A sensation condensed as a feeling with clear forms separating a child from another. Memory. Long before this, an infant embraced by his mother. A tingling sensation … in my forehead.
A child separated from others, engaged in a strange performance. In awareness of a gaze, he plays with invisible toys. Quite sure to amaze the onlooker with his voice, he screams… s c r e a m s… louder… S C R E A M S

The voice breaks free and erupts out of me… not just a memory… but a reckoning… sounds like madness…



    1. ..and exploration, dear angel in the dust. When there’s a breakout in the prison of propriety, well… noise emerges…
      Thank you 🙂

  1. and I listen again and again and each time I hear something more of you…whatever brought you to create this just wow…it sounds like it felt so good to release that’s for sure! My god…just wild. I love it.

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