The Dark Picture Rhyme


.oO0 Once upon a light, there was a picture, and all the other pictures made her sad. She looked at all the dazzling colors, that she’d never had, and steadily lost more of her light. She was dark and noisy inside. There had been a light when she was bright, but this was her night… a dark moonless night. A usually quiet person from outside, looked at her and cried, “Isn’t that the most gorgeous picture ever!” .oO0
.oO0 The picture, amazed and surprised, realized: what she had surmised, about herself, was unfair. She took a deep breath, and philosophized about death, because she still was dark inside. But she knew, that only a few, knew darkness as well as she did. It seemed she’d used up her share of despair, and accepted that her fear needed to disappear into thin air…
“ENOUGH WITH THIS STUPID RHYMING” She scolded me with a laugh.
“Okie dokie”, I replied .oO0 and almost ended this with “and I died” just to rhyme it with “I replied”… but I stopped myself just in time, slime, sublime, mi[STOP]



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