Mid-Happening Moods

When you stop a moment mid-happening, what could it mean? When you catch it and let it linger on… what does that moment caught in time feel like? Is the infinity of this moment more apparent in it being caught in time?


I would rather let it happen, I tell myself. But this being caught mid-happening does not stop it from happening. It is just this motion caught in time, this bundle of possibilities caught in time… it brings me into motion in a strange way… I feel a certain nostalgia for what was before this moment and I feel anticipation and excitement for what is to follow…


One cannot but be excited about so much that is happening every moment! There are so many stories unfolding in every inch of space! The sky was cloudy this afternoon… life, none the less, revealed its many moods.


Frolics and confrontations… Games of various kinds, in all seriousness too. I laughed at a few tragedies and my mother wasn’t pleased. I told her how I feel that sometimes every thing about life is funny, in all seriousness.


Last night in my dream… I flew… high above the busy streets… higher than the busy bees…


  1. and now I use the word as it suits…this post, your ability to capture these moments, your words Amazing! That last photo more beautiful than even beautiful! Life is funny and exciting I could not agree more! ‘in all seriousness’ 🙂

    1. In all seriousness Maureen, with your comment this post is much better than it was without. Thank you. 🙂

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