Slow Life

Dear friend of my heart,

Tonight sleep is a fidgety butterfly… as I listen to some soft notes wafting dreamily in the yellow darkness, it feels good. Globules of pure joy that I breathlessly gobble explode inside. They make me feel so full of rogue rainbows!

I think there is wisdom in going slow. I want to watch the shadows shift throughout the day, late into the evening and then see how it goes from there. I had been mistaking Mister C, the garden lizard’s slowness for laziness. Couldn’t have been more wrong. This guy is totally aware of the smallest of movements.

What is it that Mister C sees? What is this immense concentration?


a locust near the top of the rose-bush!


the smart guy hangs out of reach


poor Mister C keeps looking for a long time…


I watch him give up on the locust as I leave for lunch, hoping he’d get some too…

The red dragonfly sits on the marigold bud like yesterday. The afternoon sun shines on his battered wings.


I think a slow life has its beauty… you see things…

Eager to hear from you.

Much love,
Prashant Nawani


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