A Carefree Composition

Dear friend of my heart,

I do not understand why anyone would give up the heaven and hell of deep feeling in favor of something much more frivolous and monotonous. I want to sit with you outside tonight, and I want to laugh ceaselessly. I want to fill the night with our laughter… and then I want to cry with you… bitter tears… sad tears… inexplicable tears… joyful tears… tears of a feeling we’ll refuse to club under any given name… and while we mix our tears as we embrace, we can find a new name for this feeling… and when we give it the most stupid name possible, we will break into laughter again… and we will laugh with this unending flow of tears… we will do this all night… like a pendulum with the most profound timeless rhythm… we will sway from emotion to emotion, from silence to sobbing, from laughter to moping… what a wonderful night this would be… washed with our tears and spirited with our laughter, the sky would become alive and we’ll get to see the most delightful starlight!

…a carefree composition of a magical night…

Much love,
Prashant Nawani


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