They say feelings lie; song of loneliness

I don’t think I’ll go through the door to the place where we can be found.

They say feelings lie
They say feelings lie

When you have said it out loud,
you have to follow through
and all those things you are taking quietly from your little corner
It’s just a matter of feeling
with all those things that you’re dealing with
and I could be saying the opposite, saying the opposite too

All those billion roads that are leading
across the unsavory waters that are deeper than the deepest waters you’ve come across
Say it out in one swiping motion
I am not too emotional
I just know when love hurts and hurts my heart and I got to say it out

Maybe it is that feeling
that has been breaking me more
but I’ve been oh humbly thrown


    1. You are one fine wordsmith, dear Diana… it’s a great pleasure to wander inside the most interesting spread of your poetry… there are windows that open up magically to my lost majesty, to the most proufound, and sometimes the wicked, tattling in a contorted glee… it is only with much pleasure that I say… you are most welcome to wander hereabouts dear armadillo.

      1. I stayed up late especially to hear you sing Prashant, and now I am rewarded with these warm and eloquent words. I am touched. A splendid day to you dear man xo

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