one winter afternoon


one hurried fold in the napkin… origami is such rocket science, one wonders… there must be some crazy origami anime, one thinks smilingly, imagining the excess… one Darjeeling tea please, first flush if you will be so kind, thank you, and do spare the milk. One sits outside in the winter sun, takes off the jacket and lights up a cigarette… the tea is served, little sugar packets with blue lines. holding the rough edge one packet is torn open and sugar falls, some little crystals outside, rest all the way to the bottom. One plays around with a tea-spoon, swirling… swirling… fancy a cyclone to dissolve all that sugar? Boston Tea-Party… from the project on American revolution in high school… America, from cyclones one can’t be taking lightly… a friend is working in relief and rehabilitation in Puerto Rico, even as I look deeply fascinated at the light that makes its way through the tea and falls beautifully on the napkin with one fold… one makes adjustments to take a picture… I’ll send it to her… could I have another, Darjeeling, spare the milk… sugar? one would do… as one does…

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