Live wood. Dead wood. Undead wood.

dark tan… jumping a branch that shouldn’t’ve been down here… tapping fingers, fingers tap dancing upon smooth ceder wood surfaces, upside down… also up there right in front of your restless eyes… tap tap, tippity frucrkin tap tap tap… run faster, they might’ve already stolen my property, tap tap, tapping fingers upon gnarled trunks in a pathetic excuse for a forest by the roadside… tap tap tap… a cigarette hole on your jacket pocket girl, I am not too keen on those… tap tap..gnnn gnnnnnn… tappittytoo… I know someone better, and it is you, much better than you… look outside the window, for me… Oh did I forget to say please? Easy… easy… would you be so uncontrollably kind as to cast your sweet deathless eyes outside that dead ceder window(Ceder! Tap! Tap! Tap!) and find out if they have stolen my scooter? Am I to walk home, or will you get that hole fixed… please do, I’ll pay… jumping a branch that shouldn’t’ve been down here on the first place, I have to get out of this… tap tap tap… phantom tapping on my door, on my window, on my table… tap tap tap… climb the tree… be free…


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