Muses and Fairies

dancing maiden of the morning sun, sliding up her sensual form, behold the tender day-bringer has just begun, his journey over the land of gold…
who announces the oncoming of another day… as the sun rises shy on the second of may…
I whistle a tune with the breeze… the audience quite amused, applaud my muse…
when poetry walks on eight legs, and so does prose, I wonder if I could ever know, what a spider knows…
fairies were conceived in the dreamy memory of a sweet damselfly…
upside down, mouth open, a perpetual frown, mister C, dangling from his favorite tree…


  1. Beautiful images. I’m purchasing my first macro lens this week, and like you I am eager to get up close and personal with the wonderful world around us 🙂

    1. Hello. Thanks. It is just beautiful to go macro! I hope you have fun with it. There are such intricate details out there… Best wishes!

      1. It’s a whole new universe, and with spring in Canada, such a perfect time to begin. Thanks for the follow too!

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