Mister C eats flies

Mister C is a garden lizard of a respectable social standing and a somewhat unusually speedy disposition. Mister C spends his afternoons in the garden… like a boss… I see him now and then… he doesn’t seem to like me much… frowns at me… my soul shudders.
There are so many flies around… I think he eats them… Mister C eats flies. When I come to think of it, flies fly away from him as he flies away from Miss S, the monstrous squirrel, who is also from around here somewhere. Hide and seek… with dire consequences…

speedy disposition
like a boss, mister C
fly around
come clean
leaning kind


  1. how you capture such photos is a mystery! you mysterious poetic photographer you, oh how you keep us all captivated happily! or maybe that is just me??? I don’t know? I can’t imagine I’m the only one that feels this way over you, dear Prashant! ❤ !!

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