Blue and Yellow


Under the familiar shade of the old mango tree, I breathe easy… little blue flowers with yellow hearts… do you remember them!? Do you remember them floating in a bowl of clear water?.. but you aren’t listening to me… you aren’t listening… those little blue flowers!.. they’d vanished all these years… lost to us… but… I saw them again! you should have been there… I couldn’t stop looking… little blue flowers with yellow hearts… she didn’t understand… I don’t think she could see them… but I saw them… and then I saw myself, nestled in the yellow heart of a little blue flower… dancing in the lightness of a blurring world… and falling… to wash a soft youthful blade of grass with poetry…


    1. As I said dear angel in the dust. You are always welcome. You can sit there and paint with the most beautiful colours…

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