Bruised and Amused by You


Wait! Stop! Just for this moment! Please! Stop!
I am not sure about what it is that I want.
I don’t feel confused, or the need to be excused.
I am, however, amused by you, how I wish to be used by you.
But haven’t I been confused by you, for your lover?
Wasn’t it better when I was just seduced by you.

I feel this something new hover above us.
A drone out to uncover us.
You don’t know how to touch us.
I don’t know where to touch us.
I’d rather be abused by you, than be refused by you.
I’d, however, rather not be accused by you,
For I’ve let myself be used by you,
And my tender heart be bruised by you.

Why am I so amused by you?
I think, I might be you.
Shit! Am I talking to myself?


    1. I sometimes feel I can be very silly… you know… forgetting how I will just cease to exist some day… Nothing from this world would matter… but then… well… I am alive. I can dance right now, if only I would. Why is it so difficult sometimes? I can dance right now… I’ll dance right now…

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