Old Cinema Wizard

An old film maker seemed pleased with what had transpired in the years that he wore upon his face. He would talk for hours about the magic of cinema. He was still in awe of the audio visual and quite enthusiastic about the multiverse of possibilities it promised!
I was watching him on the internet. It was a video on YouTube.

I listened attentively as he dove into the pool of his memories and returned with a prized treasure he had found in one of his adventures. I did not understand cinema as magic though. It was something I had always seen as a part of my banal everyday existence.

But his words gave me a perspective on cinema as something that had not always existed and then understand how it had come to change human existence forever. Something that was so obvious to me hadn’t always been there.

There were more than a hundred thousand views on the video and I felt like there was a crowd storming in to listen to the old man relate tales of his adventures but also stories about how he had come to create amazing experiences for so many people.

What a fascinating character he is. Almost everyone crowding around him was here to be fascinated, I believe. That is why they had chosen to listen to the magician instead of others. they wanted to be fascinated. That is what he meant to them. The man who was always fascinated. The man who had always fascinated. The wizard who had spun fantasies for you and me.


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