That Voice


I was listening too hard, I think. I was listening too hard for the voice.

I think I have lost my hearing. I have forgotten the voice. I do remember that it was never too loud.

I also remember that it was never too low. It wasn’t a whisper… it wasn’t a scream…

It wasn’t even something in between…

It was something above or below… it was something sweet and mellow… it was also rock and roll… it was also wind and snow… down below…. higher than my ego… lower than my depression…

deeper than the tumbling rocks rumbling sound…

I think it might be a dragon humming a song…

It might be the right for every wrong…

I can’t remember where I left it. I cannot hear it. I think I am trying too hard… Maybe I should, as they say, let go… let it flow… move slow… lay low… whatever it takes… I want to hear that voice…
and again
and again


  1. I believe truly that your ability, your talent, your way with words, call it what you will….has no measure….has no start and no finish Prashant like love. just a true wonder.

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