Finger of fate upon my chest
Traces shapes unknown to me
A lesser known rhapsody
Anest a surge of tragedy
Unfolds a tale of fantacy
A dark stark fantacy
Annex a bout of ecstacy
Some neat sweet ecstacy
Fickle my fatal seductress
Rides majestic a horse wild
Bare skin her bosom free
She grants me a glimpse
Of life in her eyes
Those deep brown eyes
Restless upon her face
That ever-changing face
Never the same feeling
She’s given in to twice
The glint in her eyes
There’s truth in her lies
There’s scream in her laugh
The dream in her eyes
A book of dry propositions
Accompanies me every night
With every word I ponder
The truth in her lies
The dark in her light
She holds me tight
Without the kindness
Of a second glance
And I am left to fight
Grip of a fictionless dream


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