Love: Dark or Darker

A gentle swirl of life
Reveals her motion
Hypnotic and alive
Moth to the night
Devotee of light
Moon absurd
Neon Light
Neon light
Thirsting for moon
A romantic, a lunatic
Never attaining her love
Never attaining Salvation.
Would you rather be the moth
And forget the distant radiant glow
For dear death, for a sudden salvation?
If you would, I understand, times have changed.



  1. I just made a new poem about Narcissists, called “Let’s Play Follow the Leader with the Narcissist!”, to try and make a pic, but my IPAD would not allow me to form any special designs with the words like you do 😦 In fact, I have difficulty even making my poems into proper structured verses. I don’t know if it’s my IPAD, or why it doesn’t cooperate so well. Frustrating at times! Maybe I can try using someone real computer, sometime, and then it might work… Tamara (& Claudia) xx

    1. I read the poem. Dark and tangy.
      I just write the lines and then center align them. I think you can do it in your IPAD too.

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