Your Pocket


Lay low all weapons of mass destruction!

Lay low all books of mass instruction!

And come over here for just a little while!

When you ask me to grab your phone from your pocket
I discover that your pocket is a portal to some other world!

Many a thing that lies in there
Pronounces my fate like a soothsayer,
And has many a tale to tell sweet people
Who hide in the wild tree that stands
 in the middle of the busiest steet
Of the galaxy that is your home.

The further you go away from home
The dearer it seems the last place was.
It was closer to home than where you are right now.

But wow as time sweeps by
The profoundity of yerterday says goodby.
Exept the truest thing or two
All of the rest could be shat in the loo.

Thusly time becomes the sum total
Of everything that lay in the portal
To another world that your pocket was
But hey I grab your phone and pull out my hand
And clutching it dearly as a sovenier I stand
In front of you with a pained smile

I thought I knew you but I don’t really anymore.
I thought I knew you but now I feel otherwise.


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