Watching Birds



Sometimes birds are huge.
Like back in the day when
I was working on this project
With a few other people.
My job was to sit and watch birds.
Especially the huge ones.

Watching birds was looked down upon
by those who would not watch them.

These weren’t exotic birds. No.
They were regular birds. Just huge.

Like huge sparrows. Or Sunbirds.
I once saw a huge sunbird. A male.

He was bigger than the project we were working on.
I was the only one who saw him. It was my work you see.

Most of the others didn’t think I was doing anything.
Watching huge birds was looked down upon back then.
Huge is as beautiful as small.
But huge isn’t small.
And even if it were small,
they didn’t relly care much
about small birds either.
They didn’t really care much
about beauty either.

They cared about work. The kind of work that can scar your body.

I was not really into that kind of work so I would watch huge birds.

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