Having eaten the forbidden fruit and having embraced dire realizations over simple pleasures, I burnt in the flames of my own choosing. Oh but no more… This darkness shall fade out into the truth…

Now is the sweet morning of beautiful dew drops telling the story of the sun. Now is the simple realization that all night is but the mother of the day and all day but the mother of the night. I remember a spider web speaking to me of what  the light ray told it… thus I speak to you of what that wonderful moment told me. Civilizations’ impressions upon your genius, that’s what your intellect is. It is nurtured to the point of alienation from the essential wild self. Don’t get carried away by your intellect, for it is a hammer and chisel that shall attempt to shape and define the wild and undefinable in you. And when the sculpturing is done, you shall have a definition… Do not end up becoming the prisoners of definitions, for truth defies them all.


  1. the most profound choice in life is to accept things as they are or to take the responsibility of changing them
    you my proficient brother u have made a wonderful choice

  2. You are like a novel I have picked up and can not put down! my eyes heavy I keep saying ok just one more and I read on….

    1. At times I forget… at times I remember… It’ll be another morning for me though dear angel in the dust… this one is for you.

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