Young Wild and Free!


NilgaiRaw and intense it was, looking into the big eyes of this offspring of wilderness and sharing a tense moment… On the better side of the lens was a curious fear… A sense almost of an adventure of the spirit… and on my side the beautiful feeling of having been touched be a being so wild, so innocent, so free that I smile with a deep emotion still… I have felt you now Happiness… And you are beautiful…


  1. this is the kind of photo that goes straight to my heart…to zoom in and see those big beautiful eyes what an overwhelming sense of Joy this must have brought you…its hard for me to pull myself away from the photo and truly from your words about it as well!

    1. I am glad you liked it so much. It’s been some time, but I do remember the sense of adventure and joy. Thanks for reminding me of this.

      1. I have been taking time each night to go into the blogs I follow and start at their beginnings. I love that each time I do this they say thank you to me for reminding them…its like Im rewarded for your wonderful post! and you my friend are very welcome!

      2. It is at the beginnings that one is perhaps most visible…. I will keep in mind… This is a rediscovery.

      3. Yes I agree…I like to see into a person as much as they will show and the beginning is a good place to start.

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