Interaction in Darkness

interaction of the elements
Fire and Wind

Seemingly parsecs away from the life of subordination to time and time tables, enveloped by the warmth of simple human minds in a cold December night in a Himalayan Village, a realization hit home: How unaccustomed I have become to simplicity, and yet so hungry for it. Then suddenly a cold gust of wind came and started playing with the flames and burning wood. This was the interaction of the elements in the dark and it was beautiful and true.


  1. yes.. the interaction in darkness..
    Even the elements of fire show art.. Look at the right hand side of the picture above…
    You can see a horse with a huge eye..
    This interaction of simplicity reveals some of the most sophisticated elements of life…
    Way to go Prashant.. 🙂

      1. Finding your blog is what feels like the reward! Have no doubt I will read everything you have posted haha Im sure of it! 🙂

      2. You are welcome to wander my humble streets. I am excited about the interesting and kind words this exploration will generate.

      3. I tend to get excited I hope you can handle that… when I find something I fall into while Im reading and I dont want to stop and Im looking for more more more I just cant help but spill my guts over it haha!

    1. Dear Angel in the dust. Right now I am in a beautifully interesting place stretching from eternity to eternity. It has no name and I do not plan on naming it. Where are you now?

      1. Dear Prashant, Of course, I am sitting in front of a key board at a computer connected to the internet. I am also doing my best to pay attention to everything immediately around me especially, at this moment, your words. A beautiful place-that I can imagine, but one which stretches from eternity to eternity baffles me and leaves me a bit worried. You see you, like your writing and your art work, are real. In any given moment your existence is in connection with all things you have “touched”. And…OK, yes, you can be in a place that stretches to eternity. Only I do hope you are also connected to “now” because that is where your creativity actually takes place. Where that which you share with us comes from and which we appreciate. Still enjoy your nameless place. I’m glad you have it especially as it is beautiful and interesting.
        Angel in the dust.

      2. Dear angel in the dust. Don’t you think even the now that we are connected to is endless and stretches endlessly? Don’t you think everything is touching everything else? Isn’t this now a chunk we’ve ripped from the forever? Do you think we are all moving in a harmony of cosmic scale?
        I do think I am in a real and a now, but I don’t know if there is an end to the now or to the real…
        Thank you for your words that are contributing to my now.
        Much love and respect,

      3. Dear Prashant, No, one doesn’t know. There are dreams and there is this moment cradled sometimes roughly , sometimes gently, in memories. My 6th sense often maintains that there is a real connection that goes beyond here and now. I believe in that, but all I know is this moment. I think, if I can know it deeply enough, there maybe more connections. You are there-I love you for that. Thank you.
        Angel in the dust

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