an Old Ache and a New Song

Dear friend of my heart,

Some days an old ache that I thought I had left behind returns and intensifies. I look for a friend of my heart who would share an afternoon with me and listen to me falter with words as I try to tell them how the earth can be hard to fall upon and how only the most trusted can ever betray. I wince as narcissistic maniacs are celebrated as gentlest souls and the gentle souls upon whom they tread out of some baffling sense of vengeance, and to find their nefarious victories, are left behind overly cautious, struggling to trust again, being misunderstood as insensitive when they are just nursing their wounds and trying to protect themselves.

The pain returns like a bad knee in the winter cold, and I wonder how one can be left so isolated from the world as they fight to find their footing again as their stolen life mocks at them every now and then.

How very glad I am that there is the possibility of warmth, that there is music, there is poetry, and that there is the friendship of a dear friend of my heart such as yourself who can still love deeply and gaze into my soul. In your company, I know that I can love again and I can trust you with all my heart.

On a happier note here’s a song my band released early this November. It is my voice you’ll hear singing. The video you see has been edited and produced by a dear friend Ankur Tanwar.

We are working on more music. I hope to find you listening to us and sharing profusely, for all one wants at the end of the day (and the beginning) is some lovin’.

This is us. Yash, Sarthak, and me. We are called Rivermind.

Flumen Vincit Omnia: the river conquers all.

It is my earnest wish to learn from the river and reach the ocean again.

Yours in healing,



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