About Seeing

dear friend of my heart,

I woke up from a strange dream earlier tonight. You were in the dream. Not the estranged you, but a very strange you. I woke up from a dream into another and someone lay next to me on my bed. She was in distress. She had witnessed something unsavory; an act of cruelty. I comforted her, told her about my dādi (grandma). Then I woke up again and there was no one beside me. Felt like I had kissed someone.

Dreams often find their way into our conversations. I had the strangest one in February this year. I opened my eyes unsure as to what was real, expecting to find myself somewhere else, knowing that all my life has been an elaborate dream. I was in a place suspended between two very different worlds for a moment, asking myself to open my eyes to find out which one was real. I woke up here… in this life, in this world… from where I write to you.

A few days after this dream I came to experience that it is indeed a dream. Wakefulness is in degrees. Self is a dreamer. Awakening is selfless.

like a dream from another life

I want you to know that you are never alone and wish to share with you an old poem. It’s called Seeker en route!

seeker of the glistening skies
never learnt to burn her skin,
to the integral organic akin.
Said the heedful believing pillar:
“Lewd trickery draws thee thither
organic is but the manifested
to the discerning only detested.”
Seeker of the glistening skies
heedless of the heedful's cries,
ventures into the darkness now
for the way to the river pure,
begins with unknowing somehow.
Said the seeker to a lonely bird:
“A resonating wave we were free,
dancing twice; once you, once me.”

It’s a poem I think of now and then… especially the last line: “a resonating wave we were free, dancing twice; once you, once me.”

I haven’t been taking pictures like before. Not as often. Not as many. But it has been a year since I was here, so there are quite a few.

Let me begin with these. Others shall follow.

ant, light, rain of dust
fabric of our world
my green frame
our night
light and her ways

How are you dear friend of my heart? It has been a while and much has happened. With all of us.

Do you have dreams to share?

Eager to hear from you.

Yours in love,


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