Dreams, Orchids and Fruits

Dear Friend of my Heart,

In my dream last night an angry red-headed man started becoming a story. He turned into a poetic prose, where every word was like a butterfly emerging from her cocoon. If I could, I would tell you the story. I know you would love it. I can’t though. That dream is long gone.

A plant met the worst of all seasons and survived. It grew to be a majestic tree. It was strong, as was said of it. What was this strength? Hardening of the outer crust, such that it became less sensitive to the hostility of the world? Or is it a becoming which is much more than skin deep… It did not just manifest in hardening, scars, or crooked branches. The fruit it bore was so sweet that people came from far and wide to taste it. The fruit, they say, was the expression of the tree’s wise and kind soul. The fruit is where all the tender dreams that kept the tree going in the worst of days find their place. You should taste the fruit too, dear friend. It carries the love of a tree for her seed, that might have become her companion some day. So when you eat it, do it with much gratefulness and feel every flavor that fills you up with ecstasy. Let it tell you everything…

the morning light and the evening light, both cast the most beautiful shadows… the former is keen and fresh, the latter contemplative and soft… these photos are from the morning, but I tried to express a third time… not the day of course… something else… perhaps a dream…

the orchid on the mango tree
beyond the orchid on the mango tree
where the chilli plants grow
lives a spider, I didn’t see

Do you remember your dream from last night, dear friend? Do you think dreams are honest? I do.

Eager to hear from you.

Much love,
Prashant Nawani


  1. I think there is much honesty in our dreams…they work to show us, in sign and symbol, in our own secret and personal language, the things we may not wish to face in our waking lives. Dreams reveal the mystery of our inner selves.

    1. Sometimes I write down what I remember of them. It is a really interesting thing to do. I am going to write them down more often…

  2. “beyond the orchid on the mango tree where the chili plants grow lives a spider I didn’t see.”

    This is beautiful Prashant…I see hope and I can feel the subtle gentleness surrounding this piece…

  3. But then, sometimes, dreams also deceive. Magical in their power to create, as also in their power to make believe. Perhaps even dreams may not always be above the force of conscious vanities.

  4. My dreams have been a wild ride for the last few days, as they always are at this time of year…full moons and new beginnings bring inspiration always šŸ™‚

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