Dear Friend of my Heart,

Sometimes someone you’ve never met before looks at you from across the room and comes over to sit by your side. They have questions to ask and stories to tell. You can see how beautiful they are and you answer with your breath and the beating of your heart, and you answer with a smile. They tell you of the beauty of difficult times and if you understand they smile. Before you know, it is an amazing conversation. Then they leave, expressing a wish that we meet again. There is no other exchange. No exchange of numbers would suit the occasion. But they leave you with a song. It happens on its own.
This song happened in the cafe this afternoon.

the voice that reaches out to me, from your eternity
I hear the words
as the world passes me by,
I hear myself sigh, and I hear you sigh
as you say the things I want to hear, everyday
oh I want to hear everyday
take… you take my soul
I make… it makes my face glow
I see
what do you see
what do you see
what do you say
It’s so sweet what you say
It’s so sweet whatever you say
It’s so sweet whatever you say
I breathe in
You breathe in
I learnt of you from your eyes
From your eyes, from your eyes
looking at me, my own soul in you
your soul in me


I have a performance tomorrow. Would’ve been nice if you could come.

Did you also happen to meet someone lately who made you smile and sing?

Eager to hear from you.
Much love,
Prashant Nawani


  1. Yes,I did. A classmate from college. When we met by surprise this week for business reasons. It’s been 8 years since I last saw her. I guess there’s beauty in not seeing for a long time, and seeing each other again by chance… ☺ it made me happy to know that even though life’s a constant change, I still have the opportunity not to grow too old before I could see her again.

    1. Indeed.. there is beauty in chance encounters… and meeting someone after years. It must’ve been interesting, to see them in the professional world… so different from where you last met her. Given that people change and places change, do you thing there’s something about relationships that could last for years? Do relationships evolve in absence?

      1. Something about relationships that could last for years? Could last for years? If that was the case, it would have been lovely. But no, there is nothing in this world that’s irreplaceable no matter how hard we aspire it to be. Everything changes. Everything dies. Everything grows even if it’s just a speck of time, no matter how little, there’s always something that becomes different or new because all of us are meant to change and grow from our previous encounters, even current decisions, and past experiences. In any relationship or friendship, what matters to me is commitment. The commitment to make the relationship or friendship work and have a clear vision of a goal. A future together comfortably secured. Of course, you can not deserve something you haven’t worked hard for that’s what I believe. Hence, it’s important to be aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. So that as partners you can support and protect each other at all cost. The presence of love is important too. It is where all the virtues are rooted. Contrary to what others think, you don’t necessarily fill the other person to be complete when they are weak and vulnerable. You can only show them how you love, give them your love, and let them learn to reciprocate that love. Love is a spirit that sees through us. It shows us what we are, what we have become, and what will become of us if we won’t do any thing to change our trespasses. Love is also a practice that we must embody even if the world tells us otherwise. So yes, nothing is perfect. Nothing can last. But we can always do something about it. It’s the same thing in the person’s absence, you can only grow for the better or for the best. After all, I don’t entirely believe in erroneous decisions. ..

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