Treasures, Wings and the Moon

Dear Friend of my Heart,

I was going through some old pieces of writing earlier and something peculiar and amusing caught my attention. I thought I would share it with you. It was in a text file saved as ‘peculiar people‘…

Treasure hunters and myth breakers got together to celebrate homecoming of the Cluster. It was quite a huge celebration. A stranger looked curiously though his hotel-room window at the two men who were excitedly discussing something which had to do with myths, treasures, truths and object-oriented programming. They fidgeted on and on across the street under the lamppost he’d admired the evening before for its distinct composition and interestingly crooked stance. What he did not know was that it had been twisted out of shape by some rowdy young treasure hunter only the last Sunday, probably disgusted by the absurdity of the everyday enterprise of living under the shade of many umbrellas. That was hardly the only sign that something was amiss that day. Not a bench length away from the loud discussion, three young people sat wearing strange hats and stranger expressions(in the general direction of a fierce joy) typing away furiously on their respective equipment, ranging from what seemed like a huge cell phone to what seemed like a small typewriter. The one with the typewriter like thing didn’t seem to be technologically challenged, as one would expect. In fact she probably was the swiftest and most furious in their mysterious engagement. It seemed more like she was challenging technology. The stranger(now so immersed in the world unfolding outside, that he looked like a surreal portrait, framed and all) was of the opinion that of all those peculiar people, she was the only one with some taste.

He went over to the table by the other window to his own typewriter, to write her down further on this fateful day… she was a treasure… his favorite myth…


This afternoon when I was looking at the trees in the forest I felt like I am growing wings… I think soon I will be able to fly across the world on my own… they will take me for a bird and let me be… I’ll be with my accomplice, the most mischievous gust of wind, when you see me again…

Then if you walk to where my eyes gaze, you’ll be walking upon the clouds and then you’ll walk to the moon…

maybe I’ll fly to the moon. It is so deliciously full and yellow tonight!


Are you still in a relationship with the moon? Or are you otherwise engaged?

Eager to hear from you.

Yours in curiosity,
Prashant Nawani

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