Evening Gold and Midnight Blue


I am a shadow. Cast aside by the setting sun. It is a golden evening. I am the shadow in this golden evening. 
No one can pin me down to the world anymore. I have had enough of your forms and formations… your formulations and descriptions. I am a shadow, a changing one. I am never what you saw and I am never what you’ll see. I am a shadow that dances eternally. They all looked at the golden glow and cried. I was right behind. The mystery was mine. This however is not my story… whether this is a story at all, I don’t know yet. I don’t know what this is going to be. It is about the songster who loved me. I am the ephemeral moment where the night meets the evening… wait… do you hear it too? What does the songster sing?


She was looking at the setting sun, her bare shoulders awash with the golden glow. I wish she would turn around and ask me who I am. I would tell her that I am the evening. I would tell her that I am the evening that touches her skin so, I am the evening that makes her eyes glow. What would she say if I ask her who she is. She might say that she is the night that is to come, that she would follow the setting sun. “Do you know midnight blue?” I whisper, “It is the color made for you.” 

The painter sits and mixes the dirty golden of my dying evening with the blue of her deepest passion and drapes her in my imagination, as she dances like the goddess of the night surrounded by the brilliance of a billion burning stars. I stand enchanted by this fathomless beauty, as her hands move like starlight towards me. She takes my hand, her touch is like the soft whisper of love. She washes me with the endless reign of her passion as I had washed her with my longing. The evening makes love to the night. A supernova explodes. All colors surround us now. The ones no one had ever seen were wrought in the embrace of an unbearable longing and the deepest of all passions. 

He sings of colors, the songster. His world is changing. I am a shadow. I am his true love. There was a time when he was intrigued by his reflection… but it is me that he truly loves. I am his shadow and my songster loves me.


    1. Diana. I feel like this is something I want to keep writing. It feels like this is the expression for something essential in me. Thank you, dear friend.

      1. Yes I sense an absolute connection here; it’s exciting that you have an affinity for such an epic theme dear man! I say run wholeheartedly with it …. to read it shall be a reward 🙂

  1. omg Prashant…truly tears in my eyes I shall have to read this many more times to feel it again and again…my god!

  2. Reblogged this on Sparkle and commented:
    Sharing this is absolutely necessary as it is how can I keep something so magical to myself?!! His writing, his way simply astounds me!

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