Damage Control

the question of reputation in the social, such that every move assumes measure, in terms of what is revealed… entry of a reckless and tactless schemer, and the paranoid poetic attempt of the reputation control freak, such that the tactless schemer has recklessly revealed in a poor attempt at both intrusion and subsequent unsaid promise of secrecy:

a vehement purple vaporous excursion
vivifies my cantankerous aversion
to your elsewise pallid perversion
of dissecting my blossoming immersion
by deviously devising a devilish diversion
to covertly construes my curious contortion
such that now, at any avowal of this vapor
I derive a cry, to deride your try, and taper
my involvement with your endless eversion
couldn’t you possibly just be a better person
and let this unsavory situation not worsen

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