Afternoon; Out Discovering

I stretched my body, arms reaching out to look for a vagrant cloud or two, to pull them overhead for some shade in the relentless late may heat. Settling into a posture that felt usual, I looked down lazily upon the spread of things wondering why there wasn’t much happening today. A few movements caught my eye, but nothing that interesting really. The temperature’s touching forty degrees. My chest is a bit too out, I realize, and let my shoulders fall with it. Why don’t I sit, and maybe go inside if nothing turns up. I shifted the camera hand as I sunk to the ground, looking around for the flies to show up.

I could have sworn they hadn’t been here in the previous frame.
Suddenly there’s a lot happening! The closer I get to the earth the more life seems to be happening.
A wasp was collecting mud to make its home, which wasn’t too far away. I could tell because it flew away with the ball of mud and came back every couple of minutes for more.

Amazing how it was digging the wet mud and putting it together in a ball.

In the very middle of day, a spider dancing around the ground, up and down it deftly sway.

And then of course there were the flies…

fly5alq copyfly4alq

And another lay hanging upside down in a green leafy sanctuary:

Hanging from a marigold, busy is her day-to-day, a plain tiger butterfly, looks alarmed as I let out a sigh.

And of course there were more… like the orange moth, who I don’t recognize otherwise…
and the out of focus the long-legged fly…

There was this other moth like creature who I mistook for a speck of dust… but then it seemed to be too symmetrical to be just that… so I looked harder and it was amazing and mysterious… I think the mesmerized fly on the leaf thought so too..

Another afternoon went by… and now it’s dark outside… tomorrow there will be more to discover…


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