Garden’s Poetry: A Young Couple

It has been almost ten months since I last took the camera out, spending soft moments with birds and insects… rock and roll, feather, scales, wings, little flying things…
what a feeling when attention assumes peculiar dynamic shapes following crazy paths and souring moods of little motions all around… I watch a spider jump from leaf to leaf of a mango tree… Quite vicious… I imagine a hunt, as the spider disappears, spinning silky traps in the thickest of the thicket… ants… bees… wasps… dragonflies…

A Himalayan Bulbul couple is nesting in the third hibiscus. I don’t remember them ever doing that here. This evening I shooed away a mewing cat from under the third hibiscus… it has only been some two days, but the Bulbul couple is already getting used to me crawling around following them. They come close and look at me curiously… my right index finger is still nervous from taking these pictures from so close…
I am eagerly awaiting the sweet ruckus the babies are going to make…
so are the dragon king and mister C, I imagine…

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