Papering the Speed of our Breath

touch and go, barred window, oh quick spectacular rainbow!
bunker beds, dingy hotel rooms, undocumented dorms
that part of town where decent folk on paper doesn’t go
and then that part of town where paper, paper, red pamphlets
smoking paper, reading paper, writing paper, official paper
order paper, copy paper, newspaper, scribbling paper, thinker
thinker? … what? thinker… not every thinker needs paper
the most indecent folk these days, it seems, people who paper,
huddling together in the alleged warmth of thought experiments
paper compilations… and light a great fire for a warmer warmth
burning down palaces celebrating purity of lewd ages of reason
dancing in the shadow of the black sun for lifetimes we’ve been
haven’t we also been reflecting the mystery of great stellar lights
you eyes would rise from the great depression of their monstrosities
we would wander the deserted streets of sublime, we would be wild
you and me
would you my dear care to join me in a keener wait?
we would watch the flowers blossom and fruits ripen
only then will we eat, only then will we stand, only then under a brighter sun
what wondrous ponderous simple sensations, gathering literary storm clouds
what race cars, speed junkies, rushing funky bloodlines. What funky bloodlines?
bloodier lines, coal mines, gold mines, data mines, binary rhymes, gamesters, tricksters
brilliant lights, shapely minds, consciousnesses breaking up with quick caresses
and all I ask of you is to leave it all behind, slow down for a while, it’s nice
in congruence with stellar lights in our shining eyes, in commemorations too
all I ask of you is to wait for the flowers to blossom and fruits to ripen
meanwhile I will write a poem and could you please sing us a song
then I promise, we can go back to observing the darkest matter of all

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