A Polite Awakening


…as it so happens, tonight has been one such occasion when I (more often than now and then) find myself to be undergoing a polite awakening, after a long spell of floating around all over the place as if in a bittersweet dream… or like instead of shoes, each of my foot had been tied to the back of a little Pegasus (so a pair of Pegasi)… and all that the poor creatures could manage between their mythical mightiness was a (-n only too) humble height of a couple of inches above the ground. I hadn’t been flying, just floating a little, still amidst the chatter and honking, unable to make sense of what was making me move away from my room… at all… It was the will of the little Pegasi, I can say in retrospect… not because it’s true, but because I have just had a polite awakening, and I can feel the grass beneath my feet. I will go only if I really want to… would I want to? … well… upon the actualization of any such possibility of a display of robustness, I, being in the mood for some straight-faced honest expression, must admit a considerably weighty measure of doubt. Who would want to leave the great pleasures of a… wait… what… what was I going to say? pleasures of a what? this room!? … actually, in all fairness, the hostel room isn’t that bad… you can pretty much lie down all day without being asked to do anything of significance to the good social existence out there… they say it’s functioning like an impossibly complex clockwork… that got completely screwed, if I were to, in addition to what they say, express my opinion… I’ll, however, pass this time… just got frisked by a cop… a totally unrelated incident actually, that transpired a couple of hours before the polite awakening… these two events, in another of my many humble opinions, have approximately as much to do with each other as the discovery of oxygen has to do with breathing…
Why is there a photo of a bee up there? Good luck figuring it out… took it last year when the world was a better place… good old days…. time is speeding up…


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