spring, fall, love…


it’s spring outside, inside it’s fall
perhaps the spring is going to fall, again
storms, raging storms, torrents
angry waves to wash clean my shores
it’s spring outside, inside a storm
winds they speak and carry us home
where people away, inside I breathe
outside the wind, inside I leave
outside I soar with a dusty gust
inside the books, some open, some closed
wait patiently for another day
where nothing would move
no leaves would sway
upon a tree another bird
chirps to the buds to flowers convey
and I stop for a little moment to feel
as the wind with my hair her games does play
but now that I’ve stayed inside too long
looking through the window, to find my song
whenever I walk outside I hear
ticking of the clock, tick-tock
tick tock tick tick tick tick tock…
engraved in my song the metronome
a note out of time, I cringe alone
it’s spring outside, inside a fall
shy her eyes, and shy my days
whenever shy she, did shy from my gaze
open, now open, surrender the heart
lest love my darling pulls us apart


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