fever; momentariness

Charming, you present me your presence
withholding the lines, nary a complete you
a ghost to my touch, a shadow, a pretense
only a trickle of your semi fictions to paint
I only have a fever, colder outside and here
colder in the dream that is all but lucid again
colder the gaze that falls flat upon my brow
the lips that whisper obscenities and laugh
colder, where do I rest my drunken eyes again
I only have a fever, sigh, it is not here to stay
should one thank her stars and sigh, should I
or burn some more in a longing for emptiness
empty pages to fulfill a promise I never made
there was once a garden, drunken delighted
your bare breasts full of a fantasy too many
spring dream, honey drenched, nectar, nectar
nectar, too sweet, drunken delighted, a spring
there was once a garden, it is still there, wide
seasons have changed as they do, but beauty
but beauty has hardly abandoned, withering
oh beautiful withering, drunken desperate
I only have a fever, sigh, colder outside, stay
stay somehow! is there never a promise, stay
never a pact, is there never a promise to stay
how poor then is the man of words, a pauper
a pauper who fades away into the empty page
yet again


    1. Thanks Abhijith. The inspiration for this post would be a difficult question to answer… I did have a fever though…

      1. You are welcome 😊. Your blog is really awesome and inspiring. You have a great gift within you.Please continue blogging and inspire people around you 😊. And if you can please do visit my blog and let me know about it. It would be really helpful 😊. This is the link to my blog

        http:// authorabhijith.com

  1. The “inspiration” is understood Cousin.

    And also why you do not want to explain it.

    Put on your protective battle gear for some of my poems about it.(Though these are all apparently anti-love poems vs love poems lol! The last here may be my favourite).


    When the ax falls on childhood
    I pour out
    & stain Souls
    Writing on them with sharp lessons

    I am confusion
    I am deception
    I am the Sixth Tarot
    I am Balder & Baal
    sent to the Underworld
    Pierced in their side
    by Hodr throwing the Mistletoe
    & the Wild Boar
    I am the Sun who rules
    the Day
    which cannot last
    I am the most romantic
    I am sufferings Owl navigator
    The sextant of misery
    The map of ruin
    I am Persephone’s twinned longing
    Loathe & Love

    Desire comfort
    but never find it
    Desire understanding
    but never receive it
    Desire strength without cruelty
    but never know it

    I wake them with hope in the morning
    & put them to bed in tears at night

    I am Love
    Maidservant to Frigga
    Lighting Fires in People’s hearts
    & snuffing them

    None can guard against me
    Warrior nor nun

    I can make a cruel man gentle
    & a gentle man cruel

    (19 October 2010)


    Love grenade…
    Lost the pin…



    1. What a rich world you have my friend. I read all your writings with much pleasure. Thank you for sharing all these treasures with me. Really like all your poetry. I’ll say more soon.

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