The Thoughts of an Athenian: The Family I’ve Chosen

sometimes something too beautifully real comes up and one needs to share… Do give a look…


cnv00008 Millions of people looking for an…

cnv00006 …honest smile, like his.

CNV000135.jpg He was born with the ability to spot the details.

CNV00015.jpg …and then he lets everything to sink in, until they make sense.

cnv00021 He can fly away If he wants to…



She is peculiar and unusual, authentic and creative. Her deep understanding for creativity makes her understand the deepest part of me. whenever she says sounds like an ancient truth. You don’t believe in fairytails and myths but she’s a muse in the realm of your mind.

cnv00013 He gives his love to me…

cnv00015…because he can see inside me the beauty he has found in himself.

67140001 When he is with you he is truly attentive to you, he is with you!

67140003 Some of them need your touch and your embrace. You are precious to them, sometimes you are the only light they see…


Just like the sun, nurish them, they need…

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  1. These are very sweet posts. Ciao from the seaside outside New York City.

    I’ll read more later – inshaallah – curled up w/ a cup of tea.

    xxx 3 for you cousin

    • Hey there! Thank you for saying… I usually don’t share posts, but this one I just couldn’t resist. Ciao from a really green university campus in New Delhi…

      • I meant all of your posts. I read two before I landed on this one & didn’t note at the bottom that it was a shared post.I write poetry also (& am a visual artist). So it is nice to find kindred spirits out there reveling in the beautiful madness we find ourselves in ❤

      • Oh. Thanks again. Always a pleasure to find madness and beauty blossoming together. Do you have a blog? It would be nice if I could read your pictures and words…

      • No – lol – it’s funny because you are the second blogger that asked me that ever & in only a little over a month.

        I am originally a visual artist & goldsmith (the latter for a living). About twenty years ago (1996) I began writing poetry after the Cana Massacre in South Lebanon – which is my family’s ancestral home. (Sorry to drip our fresh blood on your bright pretty doorstep here!). I just sort of *exploded* into words. (Pun & stereotype probably intended).

        Of course then the sky was open to other topics as well. To the horror of the rest of my life. (Getting out of the bath or waking from a dream to rush for paper & pen). Now I have a boatload w/ new ones nestling in now & then. Little fledglings & not all learning to fly as well as others.

        If a third person says something perhaps I will have to have a blog!

        However my dream is to take the train into my City – New York City – from the seaside where I live now & bring a fat manuscript or two to Knopf the publisher who published (& still does) our beloved Lebanese American poet/artist & fellow New Yorker Gibran Khalil Gibran.

        I already have a list of possible titles chosen… which gets added to.

        I’m kind of holding out for that. Lol. Like a romantic. That Saga told; sometimes if someone I feel in tune posts words or photos or art on their blog I will speak w/ a poem vs the other words we use. When they want them.

        It is all poetry in a way – no? Only w/ what we name a *poem* we are allowed greater freedom. Now we can see the thoughts inside the head without demanding expectations to make sense & speak properly & hide from the world.

        Hang on – I will find an early one you have brought to my mind w/ your kind *blog* question…

        Found it!…

        Not wild enough to howl
        Nor tame enough to settle


        into our pieced together
        common world

      • PS: Also like Gibran I would love to include my drawings or collages in the poetry manuscript. That is so labour intensive it is frightening though!

        Especially since I want to do this as William Blake did; where the words are emeshed w/ the drawings – like two or more elements in the natural world. Something animistic. Where each element is it’s own spirit & whole at once.

        His books are like children’s picture books for our souls! LOVE Blake…

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