I wanted to switch but, it was never the right time. I had been thinking, something got me thinking, it must have been the time when I was told to fuck off from the meeting of the Super Secret Secretaries of the Supermost Secret Sentient Saints(The SSSSSSS). The SSSSSSS must have been of some significance to me, it seems… I got into some serious thinking when I was no longer welcome in its innermost circles, or even the outermost circles… There was actually just one circle, when I come to think of it, and I wasn’t welcome in it anymore. I had hardly ever felt welcome to begin with. Maybe that was why I wanted to switch. The wanting to switch had not left me, like the SSSSSSS had left me. I still want to switch. I switch off the light… I switch it on… doesn’t help… I want to switch to something more worthwhile, like perhaps a smile… or something altogether new, like perhaps counting cars, or people who’ve been to mars… or the dimmest stars… or something… I leave it to my imagination, but my imagination is not all that keen on responsibilities of any order…still want to switch… It’s never the right time…


    1. I sincerely thank you for the love and understanding, dear angel in the dust. Growing roots should be most nourishing…

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