A Malicious Concoction


Would it be alright if I simply give in to this dark monument that rises? Large chunks of being this, being that, like tectonic movements, like collisions… new associations, a mountain reaching upwards, reaching out for cold thin air… reaching out for the darkening sky… grand, like colossal halls, empty… the ceiling so far away, it inspires majesty of the heavens… echoing whispers from times ancient… echoing endlessly within these enormous thick walls… would it be alright, my friend, if I give in… I’ve been here before… in this monument to forgotten Gods… it was difficult to get out, to live amongst fellow beings of flesh and blood… laughing at the right jokes, singing songs they could fathom… looking away from all eyes that reflected the sublime… self-love, self loathing… all mild drugs… outside it was a bright day, inside a volcano boiled, like a malicious concoction… do I give in to this urge… it’s maddeningly strong now… do I try to preserve the bright day and let this burn inside, until it explodes… awesome force of nature… unforgiving… am I already there?… building a question machine to keep it in control, to keep it from breaking loose… but there is a beautiful beginning waiting on the other side of this… I am sure of that… this will not kill… there is the beauty of a spring on the other side… new life… romance… YES!

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