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It is dark outside. Ominous laughter greets my evening melancholy like an old friend. It has been some time, or so I believed, but they meet like it’s an everyday affair. Just too unceremoniously for my taste. I knit my eyebrows in an intense investigation of this lack. Could it be, that in those sinister shadows of my everyday agreeable conduct, these two have been exchanging bitter black fluids… in forgotten alleyways, inconsequential, blatantly visible… had they become places for obscene dealings? It is dark outside as an ominous laughter intrudes my meditations. A storm is brewing. Angry gale! A sound overture to the approaching night… I have a fever. The floor is cold and smooth… bare feet, I open the door and the evening unleashes her storm, who like a pack of ravished wolves growls and dashes across the city, in pursuit of a great herd of sleek antelopes… The wolves inside me break free and join the chase! Angry gale! Growling! Rumbling… no more to say…

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