Summer Day!

It’s quite satisfying to look into the spider’s eyes and decipher the traps he weaves… leaves an impression in my heart that shows itself quietly, when engulfed by the shadow of a fallen summer leaf, I find myself lost in the darkest mystery of a very bright day… mid-air hovers a bee… mid-air love-making of the insect mind… mid-air moods are the juiciest kind… a dragon-fly, her body perfect and pointing high… what graceful poise… graceful indeed, and angry her eyes… angry… mmmm… angry or scared, I can’t decide… it isn’t easy to tell with humans either… I guess, I’ll go with angry… did not want her to be scared… such a beautiful poise she had… angry went well… a summer day happy, and a summer day sad… frowning at the sane and smiling at the mad…

what poise!
insectlove copy1
insect love
looking into his eyes
scared or angry


  1. I believe not angry, not sad…resting bitch face…hey it happens to the best of us, honey! haha! your weaving of words and photos, of course, leave me thinking only this…never ending and how lucky for us all.

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